Music engrawing from audio recordings

Transcription of recordings and pieces of music – solos, improvisations, complete compositions, harmonic  progressions. Transcriptions of spoken recordings.


We prepare transcriptions of recordings to the customer’s exact specifications:

  • transcription of whole pieces with exact transcription of each voice
  • transcription of selected extracts of recordings (thematic or improvisations)
  • transcriptions of selected vocal or instrumental parts
  • harmonic analysis of pieces – separation of chords

We also prepare transcriptions of recorded conversations, interviews, broadcasts, lectures, etc.

Below, examples of our completed projects. You will find other examples in the Completed projects tab



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Completion times:  2-5days

Price:  from 20zł/minute – Check the price list


Completion times:  2-5days

Price:  from 3zł/1000 marks – Check the price list




Each project is delivered in the form of an electronic PDF file for multiple individual use. At the customer’s request we can deliver printed and bound materials.

At the customer’s request we can provide additional printing services, and also cooperate with graphics agencies in the preparation of covers – see Price list.