Music engraving

Music Engraving


Sibelius 6
Sibelius 7
Finale 2009
Finale 2012

We offer:

  • music engraving, based on manuscripts and old printouts,
  • editing and preparation of scores, parts and music books (textbooks and learning materials)
  • restoration of old pieces of music
  • any kind of music possible – from basic music forms to complex, contemporary, big orchestral works

Arranger-studio offers all types of classical and medieval notation as well as modern microtonal, aleatory or state-of-the-art experimental and graphic notation.

The materials that we produce meet the standards of all widely recognized music publishers, composers, symphony orchestras, musical theoreticians, etc.

Some examples:                                                                                                                                                    Others can be found in Samples

Orchestral score:
(“Bestiarium” composer: Aleksander Gabryś )

Piano compositions from the set of “Mikołajowe Granie”:
(composer: Andrzej Henryk Bączyk)

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Piano compositions with graphics from the set of “Mikołajowe Granie”:
(composer: Andrzej Henryk Bączyk, ilustations: Anna Bączyk)

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Music Engraving

preparation time: 1-14 day

price: from 5$ per page –  See the Price list

Because of complexity and diversity of our services, we make price calculation induvidually for each project